Science World Needs More Scientists

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

I took Erik to Science World today, and while he had an absolutely fantastic time, I was disappointed to see so many broken exhibits.  I know kids can be hard on stuff, and that place sure had a lot of energetic brats running around, but too many things are just plain old worn out and dead.

That said, they have this great huge fun water thing with dams, waterfalls, balls shooting all over.  I’d kill to have something like that in my backyard to muck around with.  I was thinking it would make for a phenomenal 3D interactive game somehow.  Maybe more natural looking.  I’m picturing a flowing river, and you get to use all sorts of things like dumptrucks, backhoes and cement mixers and can just build and destroy as you see fit.

I recall my favourite fishing outing ever with my home boy Sean up in the Laurentians.  We got bored of fishing (which was good, plenty of little trout) so we set off to rearrange the boulders and rocks in a halfassed attempt to dam the river.  I don’t think anything is as fun as messing about in a stream of water.

Best thing about real streams, they don’t break.


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