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Thursday, August 26th, 2010


Linus Torvalds, my kid really doesn’t like you

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Linux … thank GOD I’ve never spent a dollar on this crap. Ok ok, its not all crap, after all my Android phone kicks ass and I’m sure there are other iterations of Linux out there that don’t suck.

But you know where it does suck really badly? The desktop. To think that humanity has spent countless man hours developing these retched, awful Linux games like Monsterz, Secret Maryo Chronicles, Abe’s Amazing Adventure … whoever you are, you have failed terribly.

I’m tired of apologizing to my child for how terrible these games are.

I’m tired of your shittastic interfaces, your retarded naming schemes (kwhatthefuck? kshit? kidiotic?)

My kid and I have identical laptops right now, both are old and lie around for messing about with. Mine runs XP and runs like a champ, his runs Ubuntu and crawls along barely responding to mouse clicks.

Tonight while you sleep, son, I’m installing Windows XP. At least that doesn’t suck.

Mmmm sushi

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010


From Namoo Sushi in Port Moody, a nice quiet unknown treasure that Erik loves.

The Greatest Cat GIF Ever

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Catte GIF


Saturday, August 21st, 2010


ScienceWorld that is. Followed by a trip to Splitz Burger, mmm.

6 Reasons Starbucks is Better Than That Coffee Shop Across The Street

Friday, August 20th, 2010

6 – Starbucks doesn’t try to guilt you into adding a tip at the till on their handheld debit card machines.  I just bought an overpriced bag of old dried up beans from you for too much, now you want me to tip you for the privilege?

5 – Starbucks doesn’t bring in lame, untalented musicians all the time whose main goal is to make you feel sorry for them so you toss them some money for music lessons or hearing aids.

4 – Beans.  That other coffee shop’s beans are old, dried up, way too expensive, and you can’t even open the damn bags without pulling out scissors.  Give me a real POUND of beans (not 365 grams or whatever tiny size the others sell) in a bag I can actually open up with my hands.  Myy french press hates dried beans, they’re so dried up they turn into instant powder when I grind them, and just end up all floating around my coffee.  Nasty. Starbucks beans grind way nicer and don’t filter through the strainer when I push down on it.  Yes I’ve tried grinding them coarser but it doesn’t matter.  Do this experiment:  Take a piece of clay, let it dry up, then break it in half.  Powder.  That’s why dry beans suck.

5 – Starbucks will sell me espresso to go.

6 – Venti.  Enough said.  No, not enough.  Listen independant coffee shop, I need 20 ounces in the morning, your “large” cups are tiny.

7 – I thought I said 6 Reasons?  Yeah reason number 7:  Poorly managed wifi that gets choked to hell when one idiot on their Mac decides to watch the latest movie previous in HD from the Apple site.  Get with the times, get a managed wifi system that segregates users and does a little bandwidth management so there’s enough to go around for everybody.


Survivorman Returns!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Yes! Les Stroud is The Man, can’t wait to see this new series.

Sofaking Bored of this Internets

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I could so easily toss all this technology aside for the simple life. If only it were possible.

I could do away with the instant access to emails and info.  I could do without the GPS and maps (I’d miss that, but I could do without easily).  I could do without the mobile Facebook and Twitter and SMS and web browsing and laptops and computers and giving a shit about Android vs Apple vs Blackberry vs Symbian vs Windows.  Why do I even give a crap? I don’t know anymore.

Seriously, what freaking difference will it make in the end when I look back at my life and think about all the great and not great things that happened? Like this stupid smartphone war will even matter! What a waste of time. I’m done thinking about it, I’m done, I don’t care any more! They’re all great and all crappy and all have awesome and shitty things. In the end none of their successes or failures will make me a billionaire, or make my kid better able to handle life as an independent human being, or cause me to look back on my deathbed and think “wow I’m so glad so-and-so company’s system won out in the end!”

I need to rethink my position on the stuff that doesn’t matter. Not just smartphones or HP vs Dell or trying in vain to convince this customer to pick this application instead of the other, who the hell cares as long as I get my hourly rate paid.

If I had a second marketable skill I’d give up this IT consulting in a heartbeat. I really envy my buddy Brent who runs a truck maintenance company. He’s disconnected from the net (well far more than me anyways), happy as stink with his old Blackberry Pearl, he’s outside all the time, lives in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in the middle of cornfields.

If I could snap my fingers and change my life, I’d live up North in BC or Whitehorse and run an outdoor excursion company. I’d take Europeans on canoe trips, river rafting trips, hikes, snowmobile outings, cross country ski trips, you name it. I’d be surrounded by awesome outdoor gear, my spare time would be spent fixing it all, messing around with new stuff, staring at maps and planning new routes. Sigh.

Widgeon Creek

More of this, please.