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Day 21

Monday, July 11th, 2011


The weekend was too nice to spend it inside a gym, so I tossed the kid in the canoe and we headed up Indian Arm from Belcarra. This pic is Jug Island, just around the corner, and it was a wild ride. The big power boats were out and some of the wakes were huge. Combine that with passing by some small coves where the waves rebounded into a washing machine-like roller coaster and it was crazy fun.

On the way back the tide was coming in, so we barely made progress at one point where it narrowed. The flow was fast and fairly turbulent, so I had to put it into turbo mode to just move forward a few inches. Erik is awesome in the canoe, between telling me pirate stories and singing songs, he’s great self-entertaining ballast and I’m crazy happy that he loves to come with me.


Sofaking Bored of this Internets

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I could so easily toss all this technology aside for the simple life. If only it were possible.

I could do away with the instant access to emails and info.  I could do without the GPS and maps (I’d miss that, but I could do without easily).  I could do without the mobile Facebook and Twitter and SMS and web browsing and laptops and computers and giving a shit about Android vs Apple vs Blackberry vs Symbian vs Windows.  Why do I even give a crap? I don’t know anymore.

Seriously, what freaking difference will it make in the end when I look back at my life and think about all the great and not great things that happened? Like this stupid smartphone war will even matter! What a waste of time. I’m done thinking about it, I’m done, I don’t care any more! They’re all great and all crappy and all have awesome and shitty things. In the end none of their successes or failures will make me a billionaire, or make my kid better able to handle life as an independent human being, or cause me to look back on my deathbed and think “wow I’m so glad so-and-so company’s system won out in the end!”

I need to rethink my position on the stuff that doesn’t matter. Not just smartphones or HP vs Dell or trying in vain to convince this customer to pick this application instead of the other, who the hell cares as long as I get my hourly rate paid.

If I had a second marketable skill I’d give up this IT consulting in a heartbeat. I really envy my buddy Brent who runs a truck maintenance company. He’s disconnected from the net (well far more than me anyways), happy as stink with his old Blackberry Pearl, he’s outside all the time, lives in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in the middle of cornfields.

If I could snap my fingers and change my life, I’d live up North in BC or Whitehorse and run an outdoor excursion company. I’d take Europeans on canoe trips, river rafting trips, hikes, snowmobile outings, cross country ski trips, you name it. I’d be surrounded by awesome outdoor gear, my spare time would be spent fixing it all, messing around with new stuff, staring at maps and planning new routes. Sigh.

Widgeon Creek

More of this, please.

Buy my stuff

Friday, May 7th, 2010

I’m raising funds (and having fun making stupid designs) for this summer’s canoe trip.

Buy a t-shirt or thong or really awesome Sigg bottle.  I promise all raised funds will go to the Charity of Paying For SuperJens’ Canoe Trip 2010.

Do you like my beaver?

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I created this year’s mascot for our annual canoe trip.  I stole the idea from the Android line, its their mascot, and lord knows I’ll probably drag my Android phone with me into the bush this year.  Hey with its built-in GPS I’ll use MyTracks to breadcrumb our path, it’ll be awesome to look after in Google Maps and Google Earth.

That way you’ll be able to see where I fell down and broke my ankle, cause the dots will end there and suddenly I’ll be travelling at 200 km/h in a rescue helicopter.  Stay tuned.

Summer Solstice

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

152 Days to Summer Soltice.  The longest day of the year.  The shortest night.

On that night, just like last summer, I’ll be in Papineau-Labelle Provincial Park with my homeboy Brent sipping spirits looking up at the UFOs.

It also happens to be Go Skateboarding Day.


Annual Jensathon

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Each summer I try to do something that reminds me that I’m not dead yet.  And now that I turned 40, doing this is even more important.  In 2007 Brent and I did a crazy, exhausting canoe trip / hike on Atlin Lake that pushed us to our limits.  In 2008 I did several 20+ km excursions in the canoe.  This year all I had time for was a trip up and down Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial park.  It was a doozy, 24 kms in a hair over 5 hours.

There are a few pics and thing here on my Picasa page.  Here’s to being 40 and not dead yet.  Another 40 to go.

Alouette Lake

Buntzen Lake

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I went for a quick paddle on Buntzen Lake, 10 km on the nose to circle it completely.  I hit my speed record today, 9.0 km/h.  Previously 8.9.  I thought things would start to slow down now that I turned 40 … guess not.

Photos and geo-location stuff are all up here on my Picasa site

Escape to Quebec

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

It was time for a break, so I headed to my home away from home:  Papineau-Labelle Provincial Park in Quebec.

Click here to see the pics and all that.

Alouette River Redux

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Last summer I found a hidden gem 8 kms upstream from the usual launching point at Harris Road on the Alouette River.  At the end the river thins and becomes crystal clear, with pools of large trout circling below, wildlife everywhere (coyotes, deer, herons, ducks, geese, beavers, bald eagles, and believe it or not sea otters!)  The length of the trip is well worth it for the peace and quiet up there.

2009-05-30 Alouette River Map

2009-05-30 Alouette River 01

2009-05-30 Alouette River 02

2009-05-30 Alouette River 03

Three Rivers

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Pitt River CrossingDid a little paddling this morning up the Alouette River to Pitt River, then over into De Boville Slough on the other side.  Pics and stuff here.