Three Rivers

Today I tried to find my way up to Loon Lake (see it with Google Maps), but this is part of the University of BC’s Malcolm Knapp Ressearch Forest and the gate was closed.  Everything is closed at 6 AM in this stupid area.  Can’t get to Buntzen Lake, Belcarra, Alouette Lake, and a whole bunch of other places until 8 AM.  I want to be on the water at sunrise!

So I turned around and headed back to the Alouette River, hoping to jump in at Neaves Road.  There were no parking signs everywhere (seriously?? there’s nothing out here!)  so I headed back to the usual parking spot at Harris Road.  This isn’t a problem per se, but I really wanted to explore the upper reaches of the Alouette.  Now I’d have to paddle 10 KM just to cross the bridge at Neaves.  Forget it … I decided to head downstream and check out Pitt River.

Pitt River Crossing
GPS tracks, started at the bottom-right (Alouette River), the bigger body of water is Pitt River.  The little creek in the top right in De Boville Slough.
Trip Length:  10 KM
Time:  2.5 hours

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 01
Looking North up the Pitt River from the mouth of the Alouette.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 02
Lots of wildlife and waterfowl around here.  Geese and ducks, mainly, but these noisy buggers too.  Hacks, I presume?

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 03
A closeup.  When I got close enough they took flight and circled me over and over, coming in for some pretty close fly-by’s.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 04
House for Sale, cheap.   Needs some TLC, is a great fixer upper!  Previous owner made many improvements.  Pool in basement.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 05

A half-sunk motor and pump attached to the barge that sunken house was sitting on.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 06
Another victim of … oh I don’t know, what causes people to let their stuff sink?  Beer?  Crack?  Winning the lottery and forgetting that you have a boat that needs maintenance?  You know, before your boat gets to this stage and you’re willing to let it sink, just call me, hand over the title, and I’ll happily adopt it.  We’d love to own a boat.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 07
Lame attemp at making an artsy photo.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 08
Run-down “marina” on the slough.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 09
This is as far as I felt like going up the slough.  Nothing exciting to see up here.

2009-05-16 Pitt River Crossing 10

Pitt River Crossing Panorama
The usual panorama shot, stiched together from about 10 seperate photos.

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