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A call to arms! Local friends, we need you!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Anita and I found a fantastic, perfect townhouse for rent in Port Moody that has everything we’ve been looking for. Great facilities nearby, very close to the water (and The Boathouse restaurant!), it’s brand new, has a big deep garage with room for the canoe and our bikes, you name it.

But the hitch was that we’d have to move in on Sept 14, and here’s why we’re asking for help:

We’ve been renting this current house for three years, and have spent quite a bit of our own money and LOTS of our time fixing it up, painting, landscaping, power washing, you name it. Since our landlords knew back in early spring that we were looking, AND since they even told us that they’d appreciate it if we could do a mid-month move so they’d have some time to (presumably) fix up the place some more, we thought they’d be happy about this and agree officially that a mid-month move was OK and we’d get back a half month’s rent in return.

The answer was dissapointingly “no”. So this means if we want the townhouse, we’re out a half months rent, $750. That’s a fair bit of pocket change, so we need to be frugal.

So we’re going to do the move ourselves. We need to forgo the luxury of hiring movers, and as all of you know, moving sucks! Thankfully everything is pretty light. No crazy heavy pullout couches, no 100-pound TVs, no fridge/stove/washer/dryer, just nice light teak stuff, boxes, oh a king size mattress that’ll be fun, but nothing ridiculously hard.

If you can, we’d love it if you could come help on Sunday September 14th. Help us load some boxes and stuff into the truck, follow us to Port Moody if you can and help us load it into our new home. We’ll supply the beer, pizza, and Anita’s amazing homemade cookies. AND you’ll get instant VIP status to our first party!


Short shorts summer

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

This feels like the shortest summer in history. Hopefully it turns around at least for a few weeks, right now its just cold and crappy outside. I’m almost ready to give up and start wearing pants again instead of shorts. I love wearing shorts. It means I’m somewhere warm!

Lemme go see what the forecast looks like…

Well, yeah that’s official enough I guess. No more 25+ days, no more hot sweaty nights. At least I got a lot of canoeing in this year! I’ll keep going in the winter, since we’ll be moving to Port Moody in September and I’ll be much closer to a few great paddling spots it’ll be faster to get out there. I can even portage from our new place right to the water.

Birthday breakfast

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Just what I needed!

Birthday Festivities

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Happy birthday to me … Part 1 of birthday extravaganza. Eating b-fast at IHOP with poopsie!

Should we move?

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Will we move? We went to look at a nice townhouse in Port Moody tonight, it’s a brand spanking new two floor, three bedroom, 2.5 bath place with plenty of room in the garage to park a canoe or two. We’ll miss the view from the house we’re in now, and after three years this place really does feel like home, but it’s just so old and small. We never use the basement, except for the office. We had a mouse infestation last winter. All the windows are drafty as hell, the outside really badly needs a new coat of paint. Ahh who am I kidding, this place is a dump.

I think we’re moving!

Test email-to-blog

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

So what’s happening here?

Hey it worked! I can submit posts by email now. That’s kinda handy. Now I just need a decent email-enabled phone with a camera and I’m set for some good fun. Anita and I had an iPhone, but its kaput now.

What have I done!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

I sold my camera, my beloved Olympus SP-550UZ is now gone. Hopefully I did the right thing. I loved that camera, it took some great photos and never let me down. But, I thought I’d get more use out of a waterproof, drop-proof one, so I’m on the hunt. My eye is on another Olympus, this time the 1030SW.

Even astronauts get viruses

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

A laptop aboard the International Space Station is infected with a virus — nevermind that it doesn’t have an internet connection, or email, or all those things that people typically only worry about. This one, they believe, came in on a portable memory device like a USB key.

Link to article

Shrunken Porsches

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Here’s a link to one of my favourite projects from awhile back, using Photoshop on some regular Porsche photos to turn them all into miniatures.


More Listeria

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


You may have read that there’s a big problem up here in Canada with one of our meat suppliers Maple Leaf Foods (I guess with a name like that I didn’t need to tell you it was Canadian eh?). There’s a big recall on their meats due to an outbreak of the Listeria bacterium.

So far its killed 12 people! Yikes. That’s like half our military.

But the point of my email is to give some props to my local grocer Save-On Foods. I used their online form to contact them, asking if they could tell if I had purchased any of these recalled meats by way of my Save-On-More points card. Within minutes I got a phone call from a very helpful customer service agent who answered all my questions. I was floored! I didn’t expect a phone call, at the most a canned email, so my hat’s off to them.

News on the listeria:
Save-On Foods:


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