Day 19 of 60

Friday, July 8th, 2011


Workout: Arms

Like the last Shuttle launching today, I blasted my arms. My tweaked my lower neck waking up (uhhh what?) this morning, so I wanted to avoid back-stressing exercises like standing barbell curls. I opted for single arm dumbell exercises mainly, and it was a fun workout. I also couldn’t resist that rye bread lying around in the kitchen this morning, so having a slice with some jam on it before my workout, as opposed to going in fasted like usual, was awesome. I had endless energy.

BI – Standing dumbell preacher curls: 20 pounds x 8 per arm, non-stop, no break until I couldn’t curl any more. I probably did 8 sets, my last one was 3 painful reps, my biceps were on fire.
TRI – Single arm rope cable extensions: 30 pounds x failure per arm, non-stop, no break until I was down to 3 reps max. Again, more fire.
BI – Seated alternating dumbell curls: 25 pounds non-stop. This single set lasted two songs (5-7 minutes?) and I must have done 40 reps per arm. I only stopped because I was bored — but again, fire fire fire.
TRI – Standing ez-curl cable pushdowns: 95 x 15, really short break, another set, etc until I started crying a little.
BI – Standing ez-curl cable curls: 60 x failure for 3 sets. This time I peed my pants and called for mommy. A crowd is gathering.
TRI – Seated machine triceps, like preacher curls but backwards: Some weight, 8-10 reps, 2 sets. I had enough. Fuck you gravity.

Then I topped it off with forearm curls and grip twists. I had arms a junkie would kill for; veins a popping everywhere.


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