Day 18 of 60

Thursday, July 7th, 2011


Can you read that upside down? Good. Either I weigh 3.261 pounds or 192.3

Yes, I did work out since the last post, I just forgot to update. Slow and steady beats rapid weight loss, so hovering in the 192’s for the week isn’t bothering me. What’s bothering me is this amazing rye bread that Anita brought home last night. I made a sandwich for Erik for school this morning and it took everything in me not to JUST EAT THE WHOLE DAMN THING slathered in butter, maybe some blueberry jam, or cheese …. I’m fucking drooling here.

Workout: Shoulders

My lower back has been tight all week, so rather than aggravate it with standing shoulder presses (which takes a toll on the entire back when I push heavy) I chose to do mainly sitting delt exercises. They felt great, I never did the sitting Arnold Press delt machine before … and can see why I won’t too often in the future. Free weights always work better. And for shoulders, dumbells rule. After the machine I did solo arm overhead presses, pre-loaded with single arm lateral raises. Holy crap what a burn. Yo momma!

Now I’m sucking down an awesome blueberry and strawberry smoothie with two awesome scoops of whey protein. This is tastier than a cheesecake any day, and my body is soaking up the only carbs I’ll purposely eat for the rest of the day. Enjoy the glucose you lard filled muscles, that’s all you’re getting!


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