Day 4 of 60

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011


Workout: Chest, Core

Bench Press: 147.5×8 reps, 4 sets
Bench is an exercise I “rebooted”, as in I decided to lower the weight and start from scratch with about 4 weeks ago. I was up to 175 pounds for 5 reps, but just for 1 or 2 sets. I know strength is important for mass, but something didn’t feel right and I wanted to be at that weight for a solid 8 reps. What I did a few weeks ago was start back at 135 for 4 sets, 8 solid, perfect form reps. The next workout I went up 2.5 pounds on each side, and so forth. At 145 pounds (what I did last chest day) doing 8 reps was still good, but the last one was pushing it, especially on the 4th set. From here on I’ll be going up in 1.25 pound increments (praying those only two 1.25 pound weights don’t disappear).

Pushups + dumbell flyes (superset): 15 pushups, 8 flyes with 30 pounds, 3 sets
Machine bench press: 100 pounds x 15 reps, 3 sets

Core was done as usual, around 20 minutes. Planks, bird dogs, hanging leg raises (straight, then bent), side bends with a 45-pound plate in my fingertips (feels great on the forearms). Walked out of there exhausted, phew!


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