Day 3 of 60

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Today’s a day off … as far as my workout schedule goes its actually Day 7. I started this 60 day thing in the middle of a regular cycle. Usually it goes like this:

Day 1: Chest, core, cardio
Day 2: Back, cardio
Day 3: Legs, core, cardio
Day 4: Shoulders, cardio
Day 5: Arms, core, cardio
Day 6: Rest, cardio
Shower, repeat.

Sometimes I shower on day 4.

As far as diet goes, I generally incorporate the rules of Intermittent Fasting along with a low-carb Ketogenic plan (ie paleo diet). This means mainly fat, protein, and as few carbs as I can handle. I’m not super strict, but I will completely avoid unnecessary carbs during this 60 days such as junk snacks or desert or bread.

Since I’m eating at a calorie deficit, I need to make sure my protein intake is still high enough to prevent my body from digging into lean muscle as a fuel reserve. Contrary to what most think, this means making sure I actually ingest enough fat … in fact a ketogenic diet would suggest calorie intake by fat should be higher than protein (meaning, most of my calories should come from fat). A diet that’s too high in protein can result in what’s called Rabbit Malaise, look it up. The idea is that a body depleted of carbs will primarily use fat as a power source, so if fat is absent it will dig into protein. Since I need high protein to keep whatever muscles I did built up over the winter, that’s where the fat intake comes from.

As for the Intermittent Fasting goes, it just means I don’t each between dinner and breakfast. Easy right? Except my don’t break my fast until 16 hours after dinner, and I work out before I eat. I’m very used to working out on an empty gut, so that’s not a problem, and I was never one to be hungry in the AM anyways. Today, being a day off, I’m pushing it a bit further by skipping my usual 10 or 11 AM breakfast and will start eating only at 1 PM (mmmm steak). Between 1PM and 6PM tonight I can eat like a pig, within reason of course. Still high fat / protein only.

Well, the next 57 days will tell if I’m doing this right. So far Day 3 of carb depletion feels fine, I’ve done this many times in the past and pounds typically shed really quickly.


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