Linus Torvalds, my kid really doesn’t like you

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Linux … thank GOD I’ve never spent a dollar on this crap. Ok ok, its not all crap, after all my Android phone kicks ass and I’m sure there are other iterations of Linux out there that don’t suck.

But you know where it does suck really badly? The desktop. To think that humanity has spent countless man hours developing these retched, awful Linux games like Monsterz, Secret Maryo Chronicles, Abe’s Amazing Adventure … whoever you are, you have failed terribly.

I’m tired of apologizing to my child for how terrible these games are.

I’m tired of your shittastic interfaces, your retarded naming schemes (kwhatthefuck? kshit? kidiotic?)

My kid and I have identical laptops right now, both are old and lie around for messing about with. Mine runs XP and runs like a champ, his runs Ubuntu and crawls along barely responding to mouse clicks.

Tonight while you sleep, son, I’m installing Windows XP. At least that doesn’t suck.


4 comments on “Linus Torvalds, my kid really doesn’t like you

  1. Michael says:

    your kid is probably just doesn’t understand Linux like you and doesn’t know how to use Linux properly I’ve been running Linux for 5 years now and haven’t had a problem with it yet, so figure out how to use it before you give a bad review of it and further more UNIX which is the programming from which Linux is based has been around a whole lot longer than Idiotic “Windows” has been and further more Linux is not for kids. Its not meant for ease of use its meant for stability which Windows knows nothing of it with its constant crashes and freezes. As for the games try the games in or other Linux game sites the best games are not in the software center they are on the internet so don’t blame the OS blame the people that make the games. As for the speed issue did you build your own kernel no one uses the stock kernel because it has countless unneeded modules attached to it and also a Linux disto needs to be updated (like windows) or it slows down

    • I can’t tell if you’re a troll or serious.

      • Michael says:

        If you arnt open for comment then why is there a comment option or would you rather me be one of those “yes men” that usually comment that they agree with you whatever you say no matter how ignorant the post is

      • There was nothing intelligent about your original comment. Your followup comment cements my initial thoughts perfectly: you’re an idiot troll.

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