What a Workout Rush

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I’ve been working out again since early January, first time since I was still working downtown last summer.  With my knee surgery this past November, I’m back in action and thought I should kick my ass back into shape.

The first two months were typical startup workout mode, 20-40 minutes cardio each time I went in (3-5 days a week), and an easy routine doing the basics to hit each major muscle movement.  Bench press, rows, leg press, shoulder press and the mini muscles in between.  So far so good,  I’m feeling better and better all the time but my bodyweight has been pretty stagnant.

Until now.

Starting last Monday both Anita and I have been on a strict carbohydrate-starved diet.  No breads, potatoes or rice or pastas, no sugars at all, no nasty snacks, nothing with substantial carbs.  Of course we’re still getting some carbs through veggies and nuts, but we’re hitting below 50 gm a day.

My weight?  My energy?

My energy is through the roof.  Today I added 20 pounds to my bench press for equal sets and reps, and similar gains for everything following.  Shoulder press went up, tricep cable pushdowns went up 10 pounds and even gained reps.  Wow!

My weight dropped 3 pounds since Friday.

The kicker?

I’ve been GORGING myself on meat and other high protein, high fat foods.  I mean stuffing my damn mouth like I’d never eaten before.  I’m a food processing, calorie burning machine!

On top of the strength gains and weight losses, I thought I’d add a good HIIT workout at the end.  I did 20 minutes on the rower, and my lungs and heart were just about to collapse on the last hard push.  I’m at home an hour later and I still feel like I’m catching my pulse and breath, HIIT is awesome stuff!  Last week I tried a 2000 meter sprint and saw I lost a full minute off my somewhat stagnant time.

Lets see what the next 7 days bring.


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