Kudos and Boodos

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Kudos to Sugru (sugru.com), makers of the coolest stuff I’ve ever gotten my hands on. They sell a moldable, hardening silicone putty that you use to fix stuff and make things better. Its awesome.  It starts off soft and moldable like playdough, then sticks and hardens to whatever shape but still stays soft to the touch!  Wicked cool!

Today I received a 2nd package in the mail, unexpected for sure. I thought it must have been a shipping mistake and was about to offer to send it back or at least pay for it. When I opened it up there was a letter inside explaining that they weren’t thrilled with the quality of the batch they sent me, and this was a replacement.  Awesome.

Boodos to Tego (mytego.com), makers of lame cellphone skins. They sell protective skins for phones (that 3M  Graphic Marking System stuff). I “won” a contest through my cellphone provider Rogers, which entitled me to a free $10 custom skin. Big deal, but still, free is free.

Problem was, this was ordered back in early November. In two days it will be March. I’m a patient guy, but this is ridiculous. Three emails during this time were all answered days later (frustration number one), and the reponses were lame “sorry we’ve been swamped!” Really, this just tells me you shoved your contest winners to the bottom of the heap. Megalame.

Q How fast can I get my TEGO?

From the time that you place your order and create it, you should expect to receive it within 14 days (2 weeks) via normal shipping.

HAHAHAHAHA oh please. Even if I got it within 28 days I would have been happy. That quote is from their FAQ. I’ll assume the rest of their FAQ is full of lies, too.


2 comments on “Kudos and Boodos

  1. doyle says:

    Hi – thanks for posting this. I run mytego.com – sorry about your experience. Let me know how I can get you your order, or what I might be able to do to help. Doyle.

  2. Thanks Doyle, I hope my next order goes smooth. What I thought I wanted back in November isn’t what I want now, so I’ll use a free coupon one of your CSRs sent me and I’ll give mytego.com a second shot.

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