Two Small Men with Big Hearts gets reamed by the CBC

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I can’t say I disagree with the frustration some of the commenters from this article in the CBC wrote, we once used Two Small Men with Big Hearts for a move and it was a nightmare of a move.

And by nightmare, I mean that’s counting a multi-trip cross-city winter blizzard move here in Vancouver.  As if driving in this city isn’t annoying enough, try it when the roads are slick as snot.

Anyways, back to Two Small Men.  In our case the two men that showed up were scary looking as hell, and they were SLOW, way too slow for what had to be done.  Unloading was even slower, so we just dumped everything out of the truck ourselves and moved it into the house after they left.

What should have been an easy 3 hour move (we had everything packed and stacked by the front door) somehow turned into an all-day time-wasting affair.

We were worried sick that our breakables would be broken because these guys showed as much finesse and care as a hungry bear in a garbage dump.  We have two collector bicycles, not worth tons of money but very valuable to us.  The guy grabbed it with one hand and dragged it across the yard, smashing a wheel into the cement wall and then just dumped it!  I lost it at that point, but that didn’t help.  I don’t think what I said to him registered in his brain at all.

Anyways, long story short.  We were overcharged for hours, and slapped with a distance/fuel charge that was never mentioned.  Avoid this company, shop around, go with anybody else.  Heck, rent a truck and drive down East Hastings street, pick out two smelly crack addicts at random — I bet they’ll do a better job.

Glad to see their shady operations are being noted publicly like this.


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