Us west-coasters are so screwed, I pray for climate change

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

So this article paints a pretty grim picture for your health unless you get enough Vitamin D.  More specifically, it isn’t the Vitamin D itself that does something good to you, but its the absense of Vitamin D that screws you from head to toe.

I thought the milk my boy drank every day was enough to get him Vitamin O’D’d but apparently not.  How am I supposed to get this kid 10 minutes of sunlight a day here in Vancouver?  We haven’t seen the sun in weeks.  Does Vitamin D production happen when all you get is the small bits of light that actually do penetrate this constant blanket of clouds over our heads in the winter?

We get tons of sun in the summer, but then we’ve been so hammered with skin cancer scares that last summer we were paranoid about the whole thing and kept our pasty white kid covered in 99 SPF, a parka, and then limited his outside time to 1.34 minutes a day.  My sister had a few melonomas cut off, and my kid has the same fair skin, so my fears aren’t unjustified.  I probably need to tone down my protection though and let him run around without a hat this summer.  At least for .34 minutes.

Vitamin D is important, this is indisputable, so I need to read more to make sure I understand it all.  Oh, and the climate change thing in the title, well maybe it would bring us more sun.  I dunno.


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