24 robotic chickens

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I tried to record the season premier of The Jack Bauer Power Hour aka 24 last night, but somehow Windows Media Center decided to record Robot Chicken instead.

Now usually I love Robot Chicken, but because the damned computer didn’t do what I told it to do I was cursing up a storm (well, pretend cursing since Erik was underfoot), and he thought the idea of a robotic chicken was hilarious.

He demonstrated for me what it would look like with a bok-bok here and a bok-bok there, here a bok there a bok everywhere a bok-bok.

Right now I’m downloading it through the usual underground means, which is better anyways since it’ll be in high-def and commercial free.  Robot Chicken is already commercial free, and since its a cartoon the recorded quality on my HTPC is good anyways!

So it looks like Windows knew what to do after all.


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