Shaw doesn’t know what “Digital” means

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I wrote Shaw Customer Service an email:

A Shaw salesperson called us the other night and convinced us to try ‘digital TV’ for free, so we said OK.

Yesterday I received a Motorola DCT 700, and I’m trying to understand why this is considered ‘digital’.

From Shaw to the DCT700 it is digital, sure, but from the DCT700 to my TV, analog only. Analog audio, analog video, analog everything.

The connection from this Motorola box to my TV is not using HDMI, which is digital.

It can only connect via RCA or coax. Both are analog. I don’t understand the point of calling this ‘digital TV’ when it is not, cannot be, doesn’t even approach being digital TV.

No matter how I connect this thing to my TV, no matter what TV I have, no matter how hard I try, the connection will be analog.

The year is 2010. Why on EARTH would I want to push an ANALOG video signal to my HDTV-compliant TV?

Surely you sent us the wrong box.

I’m expecting digital TV. Digital means digital.

If you can replace this useless analog-out-only box with something that actually sends out a digital signal, then I’ll be interested.


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