Free Advice Accepted – Starbucks Improved

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Once in awhile Anita and I will take Erik to daycare together, then hit up the Fourbucks around the corner before making the trip to her office so I can drop her off.  Usually we make coffee at home but a treat now and then is nice.  I love a big Venti mild-roast drip.

What kills me about some Starbucks outlets is when they have two sugar/milk stations, but only have milk on one of them.  I don’t get this.  Why, oh why does it make sense for them to do this?

So one day I asked the nearby Starbucksployee why they don’t have milk on both stations, and she replied that if they did this they’d have old leftover milk by the end of the day.


Look you … you milk nazi … at the very least put out milk on both stations when you’re busy.  Which, as a Starbucks, is 95% of the time.

Which means that those lineups at the one milk station will be divided by two.  We’re talking about very, very basic logic here.  I’ve never even run a food outlet.  I’m just a simple customer.  But I can simply see that only putting milk at one station is really really inefficient and annoying.

Well lo and behold, this morning we dropped off the kid and stumbled in for our Ventis, and found milk at both stations!

Amazing.  And you know what?  There wasn’t a big lineup.

Now that’s progress.


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