In with the new, in with the old.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Old and Busted

My 5-year-old miniature Dell Inspiron 700M laptop kicked the bucket a couple of weeks ago and I’ve since replaced it with a beautiful Asus UL20A that kicks its ass in every category but weight.  Meaning the 700M weighs much more.  Dimensionally, the Asus is the same but thankfully much thinner.

I’m tickled pink with a 6-hour battery and great processor (Intel Core2Duo SU7300 CULV or “Ultra Low Voltage” model), and finally I can run serious things like Server 2008 Hyper-V.  This will let me stay on top of the geek curve by allowing me to virtualize every relevant operating system and enterprise app under the sun.  Very important to keep up with these things if I’m trying to sell myself to clients.

So today after lunch I put the old laptop on the kitchen table and started to tear it apart, for science of course, its always good to see what’s in it and to see if I can take it apart and reassemble it myself.  Not something I’d typically do with a brand new laptop.

New and Awesome

While messing around I found a 2nd RAM stick, originally I thought the onboard 256 MB was, well, onboard.  But it turned out to be a regular SODIMM.  So I yanked it out, slapped in the other 512 chip that was underneath it in the expansion slot … and voila, it boots up perfectly.

Well, at least I have a testbed laptop now.  I mentioned I can use Hyper-V to test out other operating systems, but sometimes you truly need it on a seperate piece of hardware.  And hun, trust me when I say this was not a waste of money.  Having a 2nd laptop is infinitely useful and something I always wished I had.


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