A&W Burger With an Interesting Topping

Thursday, November 12th, 2009


Hey A&W, here’s a tip for your food preparers:  Pay the slightest bit of attention to what your’e doing.

That’s it.  You have one job to do, and that’s to make food.  The menu is limited, this isn’t rocket science.  You aren’t making omelets from scratch, or using molecular gastronomy techniques, or emulsifying anything.

Grab frozen patty, slap on grill for specified amount of time, add cheese, scoop onto bun, slap on dressings and toppings and hand it over.  Even SpongeBob Squarepants has it down pat, and he’s a sponge for chrissakes.

What made you think I’d want to eat paper?

Do you like eating paper?

Is there fibre in it?


2 comments on “A&W Burger With an Interesting Topping

  1. Still no word from A&W. I used their online “contact us” form and plugged in the relevant data, mentioning the store I visited was the one on St John street in Port Moody.

    That blows. I mean why bother with a contact form if you’re not going to follow up? That’s basic customer service right there, and the technology we have today makes it simple to at least have some robo-reply send something back to the sender.

    So far nothing, nada, ziltch. Like the business they’ll get from me in the future.

  2. What a customer relations joke. I finally got a call from somebody at the Port Moody A&W that served me up the paper-filled burger. Apology? No. Explanation? No.

    Just an offer to come in and get a free burger.

    I don’t want a free burger. I’m pretty sure I can afford $3 or whatever it is.

    I want to know you’re going to do your best to make sure nobody else gets paper in their burger! That’s the point! Tell me, promise me that this was a one-off accident and I can expect a great, edible burger next time I come in. Don’t just offer to placate me with free food.

    Something tells me A&W spends $0 per year on customer service training. Or they spend tons but do it all ass backwards and nobody gets the message. I’ve seen that happen before.

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