A call to arms! Local friends, we need you!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Anita and I found a fantastic, perfect townhouse for rent in Port Moody that has everything we’ve been looking for. Great facilities nearby, very close to the water (and The Boathouse restaurant!), it’s brand new, has a big deep garage with room for the canoe and our bikes, you name it.

But the hitch was that we’d have to move in on Sept 14, and here’s why we’re asking for help:

We’ve been renting this current house for three years, and have spent quite a bit of our own money and LOTS of our time fixing it up, painting, landscaping, power washing, you name it. Since our landlords knew back in early spring that we were looking, AND since they even told us that they’d appreciate it if we could do a mid-month move so they’d have some time to (presumably) fix up the place some more, we thought they’d be happy about this and agree officially that a mid-month move was OK and we’d get back a half month’s rent in return.

The answer was dissapointingly “no”. So this means if we want the townhouse, we’re out a half months rent, $750. That’s a fair bit of pocket change, so we need to be frugal.

So we’re going to do the move ourselves. We need to forgo the luxury of hiring movers, and as all of you know, moving sucks! Thankfully everything is pretty light. No crazy heavy pullout couches, no 100-pound TVs, no fridge/stove/washer/dryer, just nice light teak stuff, boxes, oh a king size mattress that’ll be fun, but nothing ridiculously hard.

If you can, we’d love it if you could come help on Sunday September 14th. Help us load some boxes and stuff into the truck, follow us to Port Moody if you can and help us load it into our new home. We’ll supply the beer, pizza, and Anita’s amazing homemade cookies. AND you’ll get instant VIP status to our first party!


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