More Listeria

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


You may have read that there’s a big problem up here in Canada with one of our meat suppliers Maple Leaf Foods (I guess with a name like that I didn’t need to tell you it was Canadian eh?). There’s a big recall on their meats due to an outbreak of the Listeria bacterium.

So far its killed 12 people! Yikes. That’s like half our military.

But the point of my email is to give some props to my local grocer Save-On Foods. I used their online form to contact them, asking if they could tell if I had purchased any of these recalled meats by way of my Save-On-More points card. Within minutes I got a phone call from a very helpful customer service agent who answered all my questions. I was floored! I didn’t expect a phone call, at the most a canned email, so my hat’s off to them.

News on the listeria:
Save-On Foods:


Jens Petersen


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